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Content, copy, and comms your target audience actually wants and needs.

Holistic, consistent messaging across all your profiles and platforms — backed by 2 decades of experience and education in writing, editing, and marketing comms management.

Clear, concise, cohesive content — done right the first time.

Don’t have the time or expertise to craft relevant, shareable content that converts readers into fans?
You’re in the write place.

Howdy! I'm Mel, marketing comms manager and specialist.

And you’re…

  • excited about fine-tuning your copy, content, and comms for max biz results and impact.

  • eager to scale your messaging operations sustainably, but unsure where to start or what to focus on.

  • overwhelmed by the sheer number of public business platforms to maintain (website, socials, email, SMS, chatbot, Help Center, oh my!).

Sound about right?

If you’re like, “Yeah, totally!” then you need more than “just” a content or copy writer.

You need an experienced messaging maestro who can regulate the pulse of all your customer-facing comms:

Blog posts. Website copy. Social posts. Case studies. SMS promos. Help Center articles. App notifications.

Everything you share with your customers should be consistent, tailored, and infused with your brand ethos and voice.

That’s a tall order, especially for value-led businesses like yours.

But I got your back! 

Scroll on to discover what I can bring to your marketing mix.

Done-for-you services

Grab ’em a la carte, or pick and mix your own custom goodie bag!


Crafting branded copy, web content, and customer service materials that your customers actually want and need.


Proofreading and revising content and copy for branding, accuracy, completeness, grammar, mechanics, and syntax.


Formatting content for UX and accessibility, sourcing and creating visuals, and completing pre-publication checks.


Recruiting, onboarding, and managing a team of experienced content writers sourced from my own professional network.


Creating content briefs and editorial calendars backed by social listening and keyword, topic, and audience research.


Conducting interviews with subject-matter experts for fresh insights, plus backlink/affiliate partnership outreach.

Why me?

Let’s crunch some numbers…


2 writing degrees
1 copywriting cert


of professional writing and marketing experience


of storytelling and creative writing experience


past and present in a variety of industries and niches

Client love

"Sure, Mel is an excellent writer. But she’s so much more than that. Mel has achieved the mythical balance of enthusiasm, creativity, and dependability. She jumps in with both feet, makes herself an expert in her assigned field, and delivers quality work. Every time."
Amy Caldwell
Content Strategist @ Breezy HR
"Mel works seamlessly as a member of our content team. She flexes her strengths as an editor, writer and content strategist. She is always on top of her game, and I know I can count on her to deliver exceptional work. She often comes to me with new ideas that are backed by data and industry knowledge, and I appreciate her support, expertise and historical knowledge not only on the industry but on our company as a whole. She can quickly pivot when new priorities come up or when timelines change. I know I can rely on her as a teammate. She’s a pleasure to work with!"
Carli Auran
Head of Growth @ Wag! Group Co.
"I've been working for and with Mel for over 5 years on a host of content writing and development projects. Right from the start, it quickly became apparent that Mel is 100% committed to ensuring the highest levels of editorial quality and integrity on any project she puts her name to. Whether she's coordinating a team of writers on a months-long editorial campaign, developing comprehensive content strategies, or looking for simple but effective ways to drive website traffic and improve SEO rankings, Mel always strives for perfection. When you work with Mel, you know exactly what you're going to get. She's a personable and efficient people manager, a creative thinker, and someone with the sort of high-level process development skills you need to drive a successful project from start to finish. Oh, and she's someone you'd be happy to have a coffee with anytime too!"
Tim Falk
Freelance Journalist & Content Writer
"Mel’s a talented writer and editor. As a managing editor, she developed a team of well-trained writers and launched several new projects over the course of our long-term gig. She has strong administrative skills and has been a reliable, valued member of our editorial team. Her writing contributions are fantastic, too, and capture the style and voice we’re striving to achieve. Mel’s an excellent communicator and would be an asset to any writing or editorial project!"
Lindsay Lenser
Former Managing Editor @ Outdoorsy
"Mel approaches her work with creativity, thoughtfulness, and innovation. It is evident that writing is indeed her lifelong passion, and that’s something that truly shines through the quality of her work. She is incredibly prompt, reliable, and competent. In short, I simply could not select a sufficient number of positive words from the extensive English vocabulary to adequately describe Mel in a professional sense. I would hire her in a heartbeat, and hope we will be able to call her a member of our team for as long as possible."
Genna Ash-Brown
Former Editor @ StudyInternational


(Just be sure to read the guest post guidelines first.)




The Crystal package is perfect for content managers who know exactly what they want. You’ll provide a detailed brief complete with keywords, target audience, customer quotes, links to include, and a call to action. I’ll deliver a polished, search-optimized blog post and a complimentary round of revisions!

BEST FOR: Content managers who already have an established content assignment workflow and want maximum control over how the content is structured.