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Writing Resource Round-up | October 2020

Welcome to month two of the Writing Resource Round-up! This series promotes small-to-medium writing blogs, social media accounts, courses, and more. The first Writing Resource Round-up promoted BIPOC creators. This month’s list is teeming with quality content from creators I admire.

None of the links included in this series are affiliate or sponsored. I include folks because I enjoy their content and find it helpful. Pretty refreshing in a digital world rife with strategic partnerships, huh?

Without further ado, let’s dive in. Consider supporting these dedicated creators and grow your own network in the process.

Want to be featured in next month’s round-up? Let me know! Or jump to the end of this post and fill out a short form. I’m always looking to connect with new writers and share valuable resources.

Writing Resource Round-up October 2020

Writing resources + blogs

Novelty Revisions | megdowell.com

Novelty Revisions is one of my all-time favorite writing resources. I also want to be like Meg when I grow up. I’ve always admired her energy, passion, and work ethic. Although she recently put her blog on hiatus, the archives are a treasure trove of writing tips and musings on the writing life. And the post announcing the hiatus took an honest look at burnout, stress, and uncertainty.

Wishing Meg all the best. If I know Meg, she’ll come out on top, and she absolutely deserves this time to rest. Go show her content some love in the meantime.

Favorite posts:

Swati Singh | Beyond… A Journey Within

Swati’s blog is a place of respite in a noisy, turbulent online world. An accomplished spirituality writer, Swati is a kind, generous soul and someone I’m lucky to count among my good friends. She’s easily one of the most supportive writers in my network.

Her blog explores spiritual and mental issues I battle constantly — especially the cycle from peak productivity to a sloth state and back again. Swati offers gentle yet actionable advice for addressing burnout and lulls in productivity. She also confronts common fears and questions around the big issues, like climate change. I’m particularly fond of this line of hers: “Let’s be the crusaders of ecology.”

Favorite posts:

Cain Smith Copywriter

Cain is a freelance copywriter based in the UK. We met on LinkedIn and have chatted a bit here and there since connecting. Not only is Cain a talented writer, but he’s also a kind, easygoing person. Plus, his insights on copywriting and digital marketing are invaluable.

Since Cain’s site is relatively new, I only have one blog post to share: How to Write a Blog Post (When You’re Not a Copywriter). This post is a must-read even for experienced writers. I learned a thing or two about crafting headlines, which is definitely my writing weakness. Subscribe to Cain’s newsletter to receive copywriting tips and updates on his work.

Golden May Book Editing and Coaching

I discovered Golden May on Instagram and was hooked immediately. The dynamic duo behind the brand, Emily Golden and Rachel May, met on Twitter (shoutout to the #WritingCommunity). What started out as a close friendship and critique partnership blossomed into a full-fledged editing service.

Browse the archives to find tips on navigating every stage of the writing journey, from the first draft to the final pre-publication manuscript polish. Preparing your novel for publication? Book your free 30-minute consult or a manuscript editing service.

Favorite posts:

Adrianne Jenks Editorial

Adrianne is a research editor offering developmental editing services, research assessment, and more. I discovered her on Instagram and I adore her feed’s aesthetic!

Her expertise as a research editor infuses her writing advice with a refreshing alternative perspective. Any writer working on a research-intensive project should connect with Adrianne.

Favorite posts:

Courses for writers and bloggers

Instagram for Business: Build an Engaged Community

This short course from Instagram marketing specialist Tyler McCall is a must for anyone looking to grow their Instagram presence. I learned so much in just an hour and a half! Download the worksheets to craft a solid Instagram strategy and connect with the right audience.

(If you click the above link, we’ll both get 2 months of Skillshare Premium for free! 🎉)

Introduction to SEO: Tactics and Strategy for Entrepreneurs

I haven’t started this course from Moz yet but it’s next up on my list. If you’re anything like me, the thought of writing for algorithms is equally mysterious and daunting. This crash course from one of the biggest names in SEO seems like a helpful introduction to the field.

The Creative Writer’s Toolkit: Writing a Character Study

Presented by celebrated Wattpad writer Lindsey Summers, this short 30-minute course is essential for any writers struggling to craft robust characters. Anyone who’s new to the craft will appreciate this exercise and Lindsey’s insights into her own writing process.

Social media accounts every writer should follow

Writers Write — Instagram

One of my favorite Instagram accounts is Writers Write. This is where you’ll find some of the hottest and most relatable writing memes, plus motivational quotes and resources like grammar workbooks and character creation kits.

Brit Poe | Thriving Scribes — Pinterest

If I’m repinning anyone on Pinterest, it’s Brit Poe of Thriving Scribes. Her Pinterest account is chock full of writing resources for indie fiction authors and writers across all genres. I found Brit’s profile on Tailwind and followed her immediately.

The Thriving Scribes website is a treat for writers of all genres and in all stages. Weekly inspirational videos, courses and programs, a super cute planner, a robust resource library, hands-on support — these are just a few gems Brit has to offer to authorpreneurs. Subscribe to her blog and newsletter so you never miss a post!

Greg Johnson — LinkedIn

Greg Johnson is a copywriter at Perrill. I discovered him through his series on alternatives to overused phrases in marketing like “raise the bar” and “push the envelope”. He explores why people use these stale phrases, why they should avoid them, and what to use instead.

This content partially inspired my own “Grammar Savvy” series, which explores common usage mistakes. Thanks, Greg!

Chima Mmeje — LinkedIn

Nigerian copywriter Chima Mmeje is an SEO expert. I discovered her on LinkedIn recently and immediately clicked through to her website, zenithcopy.com.

One line on her homepage really struck me: “The extent of [other writers’] knowledge is getting the Yoast lights to turn green. That’s not SEO.”

That’s so true and something I’m admittedly guilty of. This punchy line showcases her expertise and her no-nonsense approach to copywriting all in one.

Chima shares actionable SEO insights and also discusses racism within freelancing:

I’ve learned a lot from her in a short time, not just about SEO but also white privilege in freelancing.

Sophie Michals — LinkedIn

Sophie is a skilled technical writer. She’s also a relatively new LinkedIn connection that I’m super grateful for. Her #writingstandards series has taught me so much about usage and grammar that I didn’t even learn in my master’s program. Content writers in all niches will benefit from Sophie’s advice.

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