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Writing Resource Round-Up August 2020: #BLM edition

Welcome to my very first Writing Resource round-up! Here, I’ll share some of my favorite small writing blogs, courses, social media accounts, and other resources.

This month’s Writing Resource Round-up is special. To show solidarity with #BLM and amplify BIPOC voices, this month’s round-up features BIPOC creators and bloggers.

Want your work featured in next month’s round-up? Contact me so we can collaborate! (There’s also a form at the bottom of this post.)


Adulting with Pam

Pam’s recently revamped and absolutely gorgeous lifestyle blog is all about achieving your highest self. She covers everything from blogging tips to self-care and finances.

She’s also a fiction writer and freelance copywriter offering services from beta reading to guest posts. Another way to support her is to sign up for these blogging and social media courses through her affiliate links:

In her recent post on racism, Pam details her personal experiences and a few tips for making positive change. She also busts some chops on racist sentiments like “all lives matter” and “not all cops are bad”.

Learn more about Pam’s journey or work with her to take your blog or brand to the next level.

Satyr Central

Owned and operated by my favorite Angry Noodle©, this lit-journal-turned-blog doesn’t mince words. Promising “weird writing for the delightfully weird reader,” Satyr Central publishes everything from political rants to flash prose. If you feel your writing doesn’t quite belong anywhere else, rest assured it belongs at Satyr Central. (As long as you’re a fellow Angry Noodle©, of course.)

You can support Satyr Central’s shenanigans on Patreon. Also follow Bryanna Gary, the head of the Satyr Herd, on Twitter. Seriously, she is a delightful addition to my timeline.

Romoma Series

Grace, AKA Romy, isn’t just a sweetheart — she’s a talented romance writer and book blogger. She publishes short stories and writing tips on her site. (Which, by the way, recently celebrated its first anniversary!)

She’s got all sorts of resources to help you rediscover your motivation and creative drive. Check out her most recent post, How to kickstart your book: 13 fantastic tips to try right now.

You can also find her on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

BIPOC Makers Project

This initiative showcases BIPOC creators, particularly small clothing businesses. Each artist profile features personal stories on heritage and crafting.

You’ll find links to each creator’s online shop so you can support BIPOC-owned small businesses. Check out the full list of Black/African-American creators featured on the site.

International Student Pathfinder

The next blogger on our list is one of my very own clients, author Marvin Nyenyezi. Marvin arrived in the UK from Uganda to study law at Cardiff University. He then obtained postgraduate degrees from Kings College London and Cranfield School of Management.

He drew on his own experience as a graduate international student to write International Student Pathfinder: The Essential Guide to UK Universities and Careers(That’s not an affiliate link; I don’t do that here.)

Marvin and I have worked together for over a year now to promote the book and blog. His kindness and thoughtfulness make him an absolute joy to work with.

You can support Marvin by buying his book and subscribing to his blog. Although I work with him, I wholeheartedly promote the book. This is the resource I wish I had when I was studying abroad.


Hire a Black Freelancer

Find Black freelance web designers, SEO experts, writers in all mediums, and more on Hire a Black Freelancer. You can also contact Black Freelancer directly with your requirements and rates.

Black Bloggers Connect (@JoinBBC)

Black Bloggers Connect supports over 10,000 bloggers around the world. Members receive exclusive access to conferences and job opportunities with a global network of brands. Their own blog promotes Black bloggers and features blogging opportunities, tips, and news.

Black Business List

If you’re looking for Black-owned businesses near you to support, this is where you’ll find them. From handmade soap and designer clothes to consulting services and event planning, the Black Business List features hundreds of small businesses across America. Check out the full directory.

Master lists

These other round-ups and master lists promote hundreds of BIPOC creators across all niches. Parenting, LGBT, food, travel, lifestyle — these lists have it all. Happy reading!

Reading lists

Want to be featured in the next Writing Resource Round-up?

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