On my blog, I share all sorts of useful resources for writers, from helpful blogs and courses to Notion tutorials. This page includes quick links to some of my most helpful resources.

Writing Resource Round-Ups

Each month, my virtual assistant Emily and I feature indie authors, writing blogs, and helpful courses in the Writing Resource Round-up series. We’re always looking to promote growing writers with small platforms, particularly those in the BIPOC and LGBT+ spaces.

Want to be featured in a round-up? Contact me and let’s work something out! No strings attached.

Notion blog dashboard tutorials

I absolutely adore the Notion app, an all-in-one tool to rule them all. I switched over to Notion in summer 2020 and haven’t looked back! This multi-functional program replaced 5 apps for me.

I built a robust content plan and brand framework for my blog, which I refined and shared with other busy bloggers like me. Check out the free tutorials below to set up your own Notion blog dashboard!