I won’t lie to you — setting up a robust brand management framework in Notion will take some time. I know, because I’ve done it (twice!).

While setting up my own Notion blog dashboard, I had a “eureka” moment. Other bloggers are just as busy as I am and don’t have time to build a framework from scratch. Why don’t I just do it for them?

So I refined my own Notion blogging setup and packaged it into neat template bundles! Here’s a sneak peek:

Choose your adventure

With these Notion blog templates, all you need to do is plug in your content and go!

Notion Blog Template Bundle

75+ Notion blog templates, including an intuitive content calendar, social media dashboard, finance tracker, brand kit, and so much more.

Content Creation Hub Template

An intuitive Notion blog content planner and the backbone of any solid brand framework in Notion.

Social Media Dashboard Template Bundle

Complete with templates and pages for the most popular social media platforms, this bundle is a central hub for creating and planning all your social media content.

Blog Finance Tracking Notion Templates

The Blog Finance Tracking Bundle includes templates for sales and expenses, like social media ad spend, hosting fees, subscription renewals, and invoices.

YouTube Dashboard Notion Template Bundle

Track valuable YouTube analytics like watch time, impressions, and engagement. Also includes a YouTube content planner and finance tracker.

Podcast Dashboard Notion Template Bundle

Plan and organize all your podcast and blog content in just a few clicks. Includes a podcast content planner, expense tracker, and more.