FREE Word Count Tracker Spreadsheet

Ready to make writing a priority in 2020? Want an easy way to track and visualize your progress? Grab your free word count tracker spreadsheet today!

Here’s what you’ll get:

Overview page with detailed tracker and analytics

free word count tracker spreadsheet

Everything is formatted for you — all you need to do is plug in the numbers!

free word count tracker spreadsheet

Set monthly word count goals, track your time, and add notes

free word count tracker spreadsheet

Visualize your progress using this pre-formatted chart

Goals page

free word count tracker spreadsheet

Set goals and review progress in all areas of your writing life

Customize your goals according to your needs

Assess your progress in one place

Monthly pages with daily word count and time tracking

Set daily word count goals, record words and time, and add notes

Totals column updates automatically (except goal words)

Take control of your writing life in 2020 with this free word count tracker. If you’re happy with the template pictured above, you can download your Excel file right here!

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Request a custom word count tracker

Prefer a Google Sheets file, or want your spreadsheet customized with a different color scheme or multiple project tracking? I got you covered, my friend. Submit a request for your free, customized tracker using the link below and get ready to track your writing progress like never before!

(Don’t worry; you’re not required to subscribe to or sign up for anything. Just submit your request and I’ll send your customized word count tracker to your email address. Simple as that. No gimmicks or hidden obligations.)