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Ever felt your word count tracking methods were missing something? I know I have! Spreadsheets are handy, but they’re a bit bland. The NaNoWriMo word count tracker is cool, but it doesn’t allow for personalization. Decorating a bullet journal word count tracker is a manual, time-consuming process.

Meet Notion, your new favorite word count tracker

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Get granular control over your word count goals with unlimited properties, filters, and views. Create templates with writing session review questions to reflect on your progress. See your goals and progress at a glance.

These are just a few things you can do with this Notion word count tracking template. Grab yours now and start experimenting!

Download your free Notion word count tracker template

Ideas for making this Notion word count tracker template your own

There are two secrets to tracking your word counts consistently: personalization and automation.

Personalize your word count tracker according to your goals, needs, and preferences.

Automate word count tracking with sums and formulas to view your totals instantly.

Setting up an ultra-customized writing dashboard in Notion is a great way to achieve this. Need some inspo? Here’s a sneak peek of my own Notion writing dashboard!

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Add colors, headers, and icons to make an aesthetically pleasing space you’ll want to come back to.

(Or you could let me do it for you!)

Premium, fully customized Notion writing templates

As an aspiring author, you’ve got big dreams of multi-book publishing deals, movie adaptations, and an adoring fanbase. Problem is, your plan to achieve those dreams is scattered across dozens of apps and notebooks. Maybe you lose track of your research notes and story ideas constantly. Or maybe you just wish you had a more streamlined writing process.

An app can’t guarantee your writing success, but it sure can help you stay organized and inspired! (Take it from a fellow writer who’s juggling a dozen projects at any given time.)

Experimenting with using Notion for your writing life? A little hesitant to go all in and spend hours creating a dashboard?

Let me do it for you!

Create immersive characters, settings, and story worlds. Store all your research. Track your word counts across projects. Inspire your creativity with fun, refreshing exercises. All in one place.

The Notion Writing Template Pack is perfect for exasperated writers who have tried every software under the sun, but always felt something was missing.

Want a template set customized for your projects, goals, and needs? Hit me up!