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3 writing exercises to beat writer’s block

Like physical exercises, writing exercises are only meant to make you stronger.

dialogue writing tips

Want to be a better writer? Take out your headphones

If we want our characters to act and speak like real people, we need to study how real people act and speak.

Essential Reading Series

Essential Reading Series: The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris

I highly recommend this book if, like most of us, you suffer from the human condition and want to do something about it.

I’m now on Bloglovin!

I’m now on Bloglovin!

Follow Mel Lee-Smith on Bloglovin! (Or don’t, I’m not your boss.) But, if you’re on Bloglovin, I’d love it if you showed me some love! I’ll return the favour, of course. Happy Saturday!

Why I stopped freelancing full-time

I traded passion, inspiration, and motivation for more money — and it was the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever.

Writing tips from the (MA)sters

I got myself into thousands of dollars of debt to learn this stuff, and now I’m sharing it with you for free.

Mel Lee-Smith

6 tactics for overcoming self-doubt

Ready to kick your inner critic in the teeth? Here's how.

Kill your comfort zone

You shouldn’t step out of your comfort zone. You should stomp on it. Kill it with fire!

best ted talks for writers

Best TED talks for writers

Need some motivation to write your best work and become your best self? These TED talks for writers (and by writers!) can help you do just that.

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