patience and other writing virtues wordpress cover

Patience and other writing virtues

Are you a "slow" writer who struggles to write once a week, let alone every day? Do you like GIFs of cute dogs? Then you've come to the right place.

Why all writers need a community like Modwords

Strip away the traditional success writers chase after, and you’re left with one thing: the love of stories.That’s the core of the ModWords community.

tips for performing on stage, anxiety and performance writing featured

Anxiety & performance writing: when a performance falls flat

I recently performed my all-time favorite short story -- and I totally bombed it. Let's learn from my mistakes, shall we?

let's talk about creative burnout

Let’s talk about creative burnout

When writing is your day job, your side gig, and your hobby, you really feel the creative burnout. Let's talk about how to tackle it.

useful terms every writer should know, useful writing terms

7 useful writing terms every writer should know

Ever heard of a polyptoton? Know how to use epizeuxis in your writing? Here are just a few useful writing terms and devices to add to your ever-growing arsenal.

How to make a living on Upwork

Learn how to write winning Upwork proposals, optimize your profile to find steady work, and build rapport with clients.

how to use pinterest to plan your novel

How to use Pinterest to plan your novel

Pinterest is one of my favorite tools across the board (see what I did there?), especially for writing.

writing and depression, writing through depression

When depression murders your muse

Depression can wreck your writing life — but there are a few ways you can reclaim your creativity even if you can't write.

Why you should take a break from your story

Got a manuscript sitting in a drawer somewhere, gathering dust? Good.

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