Affiliate Link Non-Policy

You’ll never find affiliate links on this site.


Because there are enough people trying to sell you stuff on the internet, and I refuse to be one of them.

I link to books, courses, resources, and blog posts because I like them and find them useful.

Not because I’m getting paid to.

(I’m not knocking anyone who participates in affiliate programs. You do you. Make your money, honey.)

I don’t make money from this blog. At all. Not one red cent.

Sure, I could monetize — but I don’t want to. Simple as that.

This is my little corner of the internet, and I choose to keep this corner free of pushy advertisements, newsletters, and pop-ups urging users to sign up, subscribe, or sell their soul for a free ebook.

When you subscribe to the blog, you’ll receive the default notification from WordPress each time a new post is published. That’s it. No promotions or weekly newsletters spamming your inbox.

That’s my affiliate link non-policy in a nutshell. Got questions, comments, concerns? You know what to do.