About Mel

Hi! I’m Mel, an experienced writer with a lifelong zeal for storytelling and all things creative. I’ve been telling stories since I could talk and writing them down since I could hold a pencil.

  • By age 3, I was making up tall tales about the green monster who lived in the woods behind our house.
  • By age 9, I was scribbling stories in spiral notebooks when I was supposed to be doing homework and getting in trouble for “reading too much” in class.
  • By age 12, I’d just finished writing my first novel in Wordpad. (Yes, Wordpad.) I deleted all 18 chapters after reading them once. You might say my inner critic started young.
  • By age 13, I was managing my first team of writers and interviewing subject-matter experts as an editor on my middle school’s journalism team.
  • By age 17, I had a second team of writers under my belt as the news editor of our high school paper, plus 5 years of experience writing, editing, designing, publishing, and distributing copy and content.
  • By age 22, I’d graduated from a master’s program on the subject I’ve loved all my life: math. (Kidding, obv!)

Why am I sharing my whole creative life story with you?

To hammer home that I am, indeed, about this creative life. Always have been.

But I’m so much more than “just” a writer. Or an editor. Or a manager. I’m all those things and then some, thanks to the skills I’ve been developing since literal babyhood.